The gateway to a new
decentralized economy
for your business

what we do​

We provide business with consulting and product development services to build new business models and optimize operational processes with blockchain technology.

how we work​


We analyze the operations of our client figuring out which zones can be improved with decentralized solutions.


Our R&D team consisted of world class PhDs in computer science designs an innovative solution which is optimal for client’s business and currently used system framework.


We develop a ready-to-use product with providing a life-time technical support and upgrade to new versions.

your international tech partner​

3 Development

3 development centers across
3 continents able to support a client in any time zone.

7 Areas Of

We have expertise in developing decentralized solutions for banking, insurance, supply chain, data analysis, healthcare, energy & public areas.

Focus On R&D And Innovation

We have a strong team of PhDs in computer science & blockchain, able to design the best possible innovative solution for our client.

discover how we can help you​

Contact us and discover how we can help you to achieve your business goals.

work with us​

We are always open for leading experts in R&D blockchain space!

If you have 2+ years of experience in developing blockchain protocols, DAPPs, end-user platforms built on private network or you are doing a PhD in one of the leading tech universities, send us your resume.

We promise you well-compensated exciting work with leading companies across different sectors and continents.

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